Installation Guide#

This plugin is compatible with Python 3.6 and later, and requires pytest and matplotlib to be installed.

Using pip#

pytest-mpl can be installed with pip:

pip install pytest-mpl

Using conda#

Installing pytest-mpl from the conda-forge channel can be achieved by adding conda-forge to your channels with:

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda config --set channel_priority strict

Once the conda-forge channel has been enabled, pytest-mpl can be installed with conda:

conda install pytest-mpl

or with mamba:

mamba install pytest-mpl

It is possible to list all of the versions of pytest-mpl available on your platform with conda:

conda search pytest-mpl --channel conda-forge

or with mamba:

mamba search pytest-mpl --channel conda-forge

Alternatively, mamba repoquery may provide more information:

# Search all versions available on your platform:
mamba repoquery search pytest-mpl --channel conda-forge

# List packages depending on pytest-mpl:
mamba repoquery whoneeds pytest-mpl --channel conda-forge

# List dependencies of pytest-mpl:
mamba repoquery depends pytest-mpl --channel conda-forge

Installing the development version#

Clone the pytest-mpl GitHub repository, or your own fork of it. Then install pytest-mpl using pip from the root directory of the repo:

pip install -e ".[test,docs]"


To check that pytest-mpl has been installed correctly and is recognised by pytest, run:

pytest --trace-config